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My name is Johan - 8 March 2011 I obtained my Ph.D. degree from the math department and Fluid.DTU Center for Fluid Dynamics at Technical University of Denmark.

On 9 September 2011 my supervisor, mentor, and dear friend, Hassan Aref died.

It is not an exaggeration to say that he has been one of the most important persons in my life.

My tribute to his memory can be found here.

The goal of my research is to understand the fundamental interplay between vortices and bodies in fluids. My approach is to attack this problem with both analytical and numerical weapons from dynamical systems and chaos theory. I am particularly interested in transitions to chaos in the idealized fluid models under considerations and in their relation to chaos in real fluid-body interactions.

This homepage is meant as an extended CV, presenting my current research as well as my educational and professional background.

The figure above is an example of a so-called Poincaré section which - besides from being beautiful - contains valuable information about the occurrence of chaos in the kind of systems I study. For more information go to the description of my PhD project.